Political Stew App now on Google Play Store


Nigeria’s first all-politics and national development site, Political Stew, now has an App. The App, which has just been released, is available for now only on the Google Play Store. According to the Chief Operating Officer of Aledeh Media Network, owners of Political Stew and Aledeh, Tahir Momodu:

“Our numerous readers and followers using iPhones and other Apple gadgets will soon be able to key in as the platforms will be available on iOS in a few weeks.”

To get the App, simply download by clicking this link or search for Political Stew on the Google play store and hit install.

Political Stew TV show comes live on TVC every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm.
Delayed shows can be found on its YouTube channel.

Political Stew has become a one-stop news website for the politically-inclined Nigerian with accurate and verified news reportage, being the watchword in a society fast losing its value through fake news.

The idea of a mobile app was championed by the realisation of how busy Nigerians are and the need to bring the news to them on the go via their gadgets.

Political Stew App now on Google Play Store.

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