Mission Statement

To drive growth and sustainable development in Africa’s public and private sectors through our reportage, investigative reporting, innovative strategic communication solutions that promote democratic values while positioning indigenous brands to lead the African continent beyond the challenges of the 21st Century.

Corporate Vision

To become the choice for real and timely news, analysis, opinions and a destination for individuals and organizations seeking innovative solutions for effectiveness and relevance in the African and global economy and politics.

Our Core Values

We understand that we-we exist in a world where fake news is almost seen as “the news”, we will continue to remain professional and report news as it is. Exist to help other people achieve their set goals, so we place a premium on understanding them, their goals and the context within which they operate – we put our clients first in all that we do.

We believe that nothing works like excellence, and we know that the reaches of excellence remains unlimited in as much as no effort is spared at improving on the best existing standards – we always strive to surpass the expectations from our clients as we constantly challenge the status quo for more innovative paths to growth and effectiveness.

We know that people come first. And thus, we continuously ensure that our team remains highly motivated, committed and empowered with appropriate knowledge and the best of technology in an atmosphere of genuine friendliness, focus and compassion. Thus we ensure that all who are connected to our work in even the least way imaginable feel a personal sense of purpose and commitment to ensuring that we hit the mark – smiling and fulfilled.