Aledeh Media Network is the parent company of 26 Consulting. Established primarily as a Media Company with expertise in the strategic media plan, consultancy, training, PR and events management.

It was first established as an online news agency, publishing aledeh.com; an integrated online news platform, politicalstewng.com; an all-politics and national development site and jakachu.com a classified ads site.

Aledeh Media Network (AMN) operations have expanded into providing programming content for other broadcast stations for a broad section of target audiences on both terrestrial and Cable Channels.

AMN was established to provide consultancy services for corporate bodies and individuals seeking to position their brand for greater competitive advantage, effectiveness and growth. With a crop of seasoned and highly trained professionals, we strive to improve on our unique strength as a multi-disciplinary firm with competences in a wide array of skills that we seamlessly combine to give our clients the desired boost in their organization’s effectiveness and productivity, surpassing expectations, setting standards and endearing a whole new culture of excellence.

We are in the business of strategic thinking that is well synced with the aspirational goals and needs of a defined audience using the best of modern technology and in-depth research for greater positioning and effectiveness. Run by a crop of highly motivated, creative and enterprising young professionals, ours is a versatile and innovative.



As a PR company, we provide strategic contents that meaningfully engage the audience in an interactive discuss deployed on the best of modern media and ICT tools, including the social media, to enlighten public perception in favourable lights.

Our corporate identity which is inspired by nature is in the pursuit of good governance. Growth is the constant order of living nature because everything alive must grow, or die. We understand that organizations must continuously redirect its vision and constantly hone its tools and empower its human capital in order to keep abreast of the highly competitive market.

Our training programs are backed by up-to-date knowledge and information from credible research to assist organizations in optimizing the efficiency of their workers for greater efficiency, productivity and profitability for sustainable growth.

We provide impetus to drive management decision-making apparatus on all levels towards evolving and sustaining a healthy internal culture and corporate communication for strategic positioning. Our enterprising spirit is driven by a deep conviction that no idea is too bold and no goal is unattainable in as long as it adds value to PEOPLE and meaning to life in positive ways.

Like an artist, our passion lies in taking from the rich diversity and brilliance of indigenous human and material resources to paint bold and inspiring brands on the global canvass.

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We do our work with gusto and commitment exploring the endless world of possibilities that is forever open beyond the reaches of imagination as we explore more ideas to SUSTAINABLY enrich life and improve on systems and the people behind them.